Friday, February 27, 2009


K has been very busy with her art work.
Many different ideas are expressed in her work these past several weeks.

She (with the help of Bethany, an 8 yr old part) has discovered polyvore and how to collage on there. She said she likes to "goo picsures" better.

"We" havent been bothered by the perps for the past week - I guess too cold outside.
But I was wondering about the mean pit bull dog that someone left loose - it attacked a puppy- min pincher- and all but bit its head off! It had to be put to sleep - nothing could be done for it. (Its head was almost totally tore off).

So K has been told NOT to go out after dark so Tierra wont be attacked. Tierra is only 6 lbs - smaller then the puppy that was killed.
And I dont know if the dog would attack a person - so out came the puppy pads! Tierra can use them at night is she needs them!

Also there is now a black dodge ram truck added to the perps vehicles.
K says that was the last kind of truck that took her to the cabin where they raped and tormented her. That is something new also. Tormenting her before and or after raping her.

And there must be something with a person in a police officer uniform.
We live 2 blocks fron the police station and 1/2 block from the fire station.
It took her awhile to get over all the sirens - but the last two weeks she is afraid of the cop car sirens and when ever she sees a policeman or cop car.
She wont say what happened - only freaked out the other day when out with the dog and a police car pulled in beside my car. He was running the plates ???
Dont know why.

K wont sleep at night any more. Keeps a light on all night and if she can help it - stays awake all night and sleeps during the day. She sometimes doesnt sleep for 3 or 4 days. She wont take a bath at night. Waits till the AM.
She says she is afraid to sleep in the dark. Even checks the door locks 3 or 4 times a night to make sure that they are locked!
I cant get out of her what it is all about.

I just wish those creeps would leave this body alone!
I am tired of being the "practice" body for them.
I am tired and sore and dont feel very well right now. Have been sick for the past week.

Here is K's polyvore art.
Interesting - site wont let me add a pic!
Will have to try later!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Terry's Post

Well it is very interesting to see what "my" parts have been doing!
Granted I really havent been around for 3 years - no need for me to be- Elizabeth is doing a great job! I just might disappear for good.Check Spelling

This body is going to hell! It now needs 4 more surgeries - this year- and who knows what else!
Cant believe that Kalisa does her astral projection thing and watches the surgeries -more power to her!
And her empathy thing she has - glad it is only with her special friend!
I guess our therapist has no plan on coming back as a therapist.
Funny how at that same time the shrink "fired" me and and the therapist quits.
But then there really isnt a future for me.
A dysfunctional family and a dysfunctional life!

This place is claustrophobic! No room to move around or for any thing!
Kalisa I see has a corner of one room. AT least she has good taste in dolls!
I see the living room still has the collage mess -
Elizabeth has done good with the little bit of money there is to live on.
People dont know how lucky they are to be working!
SS benefits suck! No money to do anything!
And fight with doctors! I see more pill bottles sitting over there with that mess.

Kalisa still isnt use to all the sirens - only live a half of block from the fire house and 2 blocks from the police station. Another bunch that have labeled me " a crazy old lady". And the railroad track is right behind this place - a really good location for her to live at. All the noises that spook her.

See that the as***holes are still calling her out and raping her. I guess the only way that is going to stop is if they kill her or I die. I will never get any help.
Not from the police or from the medical community.

All alone - always have been and I guess always will be.

I liked Kalisa's description of the "jail" time she did. That kind of was cute.
Totally unnecessary for that lock up - it was a farce any ways. They call that a psych ward! What a laugh!

She is out most of the time. Even pops out in the car. She was self sufficient as a 4 yr old year years ago and becoming so once again.
I guess that is why this place still isnt totally together. It would only take about 2 days to get it together but I guess with her out - that just isnt a priory to her.
But then she is only 4 yrs old!

Oh well - so goes the life of this body!

I guess since everyone else is doing such a good job I can just disappear for good. No one misses me now or has for the last 3 years - so why hang around?

Good luck group! Bye forever!