Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Part

Hi to the world!
Crap as it may be!
I am Crystal - I am sixteen and presently "in charge" when Kalisa is not out - seeing how Elizabeth decided that the real world was not worth being in anymore.

She said she she doesnt have any outside support and last week 4 therapists groups "rejected us" she said it wasnt worth trying to cope with the outside world. So she said goodbye and who knows where she went.
One group said they had their quota of DID people, another said they dont believe in it - one said they dont have time for DID people and the last said that DID people take up too much time!
Real nice! Right!

So I guess "our" therapy days are over with - I dont think she is ever coming back and even if she did she would have to be in an office that took Medicare and medicaid because we cant afford to pay since Purdential confiscated the $700 a month for the next 2 years!
So "we" will never heal,ever know coping skills and as Kalisa says - "maybe the badded boyses will makeds mees getteds deadeds and dens eyes bees an angels and neber getteds hurteds genns."
Terrible way to have to think for a 4 yr old. But what can I say.
I hvae a had enough time remembering to pay the bills let allone the dr appointments - I l et Kalisa out at home but right nowshe is so depressed she doesnt even play with her dolls. And for her that is really really bad!

I guess I am glad that no one reads this. Elizabeth use to write on her - I found this by accident going through her boookmarks. So I thought what the heck - I wouold write on here once in aawhile. Cant hurt anything. Right?