Friday, January 21, 2011

Joined New Group

This is Crystal
"We" joined the Suvivors Group on line - I wrote to shattergirl to be her friend-
I hope there will be others that email us...
K is still crying about Emmie her fluff friend which has been blocked from her-just because someone
thought wrong.....she feels so hurt...she is really innocent in this matter...and things shouldnt be taken out on her because of others.....
There just is no fairness in life.

More post - Fluff Friend

The is Crystal
Kalisa is extremely upset!  She just went to do her fluff friends and found out that one that she petted daily was removed!
This is because that person thinks a pic on ployvore referred to er.  IT  DID  NOT !
It was done because of a VA representative that ticked me off over the phone !
Now K is hurt once again by this person for no reason at all !  Ready to jump to conclusions and point a finger and she is in the wrong !
Poor Kalisa.
Maybe Nonna can help- K is crying so bad right now !

Why cant people be nice to Kalisa?  What did she ever do to them ?

Will try again

This is Crystal- well the fingers are working a little bit better right now.
Let Kalisa play on polyvore and make pics- Nonna a new alter took her to the "Energy House" as she calls it.
I guess it is a meditation temple of some kind.
Terry the host, has all the chakra healing books and things from years ago.  She was into that.
Kalisa calls meditation - "med-cine-nations."

K got to talk to 2 of her polyvore friends and got another new friend there.  She is always happy when someone talks to her.  No one talks to her but there any more.
She is waiting for her new doll to come- it is just now being made.  I hope she will like it.

Her new mommy got a doll from where K gets hers - but it sounds like they sent her the wrong doll!  I hope not-the doll she said she ordered was more then the one it sounds like they sent here.  She needs to ck that out! These are not cheap dolls!

Well I guess I will try the games and see if the brain and eye-hand thing is working.
I hate it when the MS kicks in and the body doesnt want to cooperate !

Bad Morning

This is Crystal - I guess I need to blog more here.
I was going to play the hand-eye-brain coordination games ( good for my MS problem) but the brain isnt working at all this AM !  Typing is even very slow !
Maybe I will go to polyvore instead...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is Crystal  -  I  just wanted to explain that Kalisa is an empath.(sp ?)  She is so tied "by my silbers freds"(silver thread) to her mommy -that this whole week is a -if you can call it- a repeat -replay of her mommy's life.
K made "anger" pics, worried about her new doll, checking on it and being disappointed that there will be a delay in delivery, the same kind and spots of pain in the body,etc,etc......
There are many weeks like this.  K knows what is going on with her and how she feels.
K can also astral project.  She does this alot during surgery-both her's and her mommy's.

She knew about her mommy's car wreck and warned her to be careful before it happened that day.I guess that would be called a vision (?).  Yes K is psychic.  I guess that can be both good and bad.
Bad because she can feel the sadness and depression of her mommy but good for K so that she knows her mommy is OK.
I dont know if her mommy believes this-but it is true.

Maybe then some of the stuff K says will make more sense to others when she says certain things.
And there a great carry over I noticed in pics on polyvore at times-some times even the same pic is used and that is really weird when K hasnt seen any pics her mommy has made that day. 
It gives me a spooky feeling.  I guess I need to get use to those kinds of feelings.  I dont feel them all the time- just when that little stinker lets her guard down a little!
Oh well I hear her yelling that she isnt a little stinker! She wants to make pics on polyvore.
Guess my time is up for now! Later.- Crystal

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Day

This is Crystal. I guess  I am not very good at keeping this up.  Kalisa has been out alot lately-sick- but out doing her thing.
It is 3 degrees outside right now-even the dogs dont like to go out!
It is suppose to snow all week-we already have a foot of snow-we dont need any more!
Have to go to Johnson City Wed for drs appointments-hope it doesnt snow too bad till then.
The foot isnt healing very well and the month needs surgery.

K is getting a new "baby"..was her "Kiss-miss-es prize".
It is depressing knowing that all the professionals have given up on us. How will we ever heal without any help?  I would like to heal.  Kalisa is so strong without any guidance from the outside.
I just dont know what to do.

Alters use to be in the "back ground" but I dont even feel them there anymore.  It is like they are all hiding - just waiting...maybe to see what is going to happen...or waiting for their turn...Anthony who was in "his room" even seems to be emerging in the back ground.... seems as though all the work that was done is now just about all undone.

It is like a dark cave with you standing at the want to go in but you dont know what is there...
you are in limbo........