Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just More Crap!

More snow!  This body cant take the cold any more! Kalisa likes the snow-but then what 4 yr old doesnt like it!
We forgot to make an appointment for our blood work!  Been sooo tired! And mind very confused lately! Alters jumping in and out- I know that makes you tired but I wonder if I need blood?  Need the IV steroids for the MS- cant see- the eyes goes first on me-I just pretend to see where I am going! lol  Just so they dont go like the one time- woke up and was totally blind in one eye!  Waited too long that time for the IV !
Need to call for the lab work and the IV.

Several new alters have appeared here lately- wonder who they are and what they do?????

At least K isnt being taken any more.  Not nice to say that it was a good thing that the bad man "dropped ober  deadeds!" as K says. There is still one bad boy that drives by sometimes when the dog goes out- black truck - big one - fairly new.  He slows down but that is all.  Also a little black car goes by- doesnt  belong around these parts- slows down but nothing else. K doesnt say anything about the car but when the truck goes by she will say "thats bees a baddeds boys".  And the little black car just gives you a bad feeling when it goes by.
Hey anybody out there have any reading material suggestions on how to help us? Open for suggestions....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Wish we could say that this was a day with good memories for "us".  But it is just another day with nothing that has ever happened to us that was good nor anything good happening today.
Might have to give in and go to the ER for the broken toes - they are just getting worse and hurt so bad - cant sleep.
The pyramid complex world which is being revealed just gets more and more complex to figure out - so many different levels -
K has been quiet - I guess because of the pain we are having and the fact that she is sooo  depressed that she cant call her mommy any more.  I dont know how to help heal her- that is beyond my knowledge and know how.  She once again has been deserted by a known good big - dumbed - left to the wolves.
External bads may not be around but there are still internal bads to handle. And I dont know what to do -
decisions need to be made..... I am only 16.... how do I decide if the decisions I make are the right ones?
Elizabeth needs to come around again.... but she seems to have disappeared just like the host did.
Sometimes I think it would just be good to go to sleep and never wake up.......................