Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just More Crap!

More snow!  This body cant take the cold any more! Kalisa likes the snow-but then what 4 yr old doesnt like it!
We forgot to make an appointment for our blood work!  Been sooo tired! And mind very confused lately! Alters jumping in and out- I know that makes you tired but I wonder if I need blood?  Need the IV steroids for the MS- cant see- the eyes goes first on me-I just pretend to see where I am going! lol  Just so they dont go like the one time- woke up and was totally blind in one eye!  Waited too long that time for the IV !
Need to call for the lab work and the IV.

Several new alters have appeared here lately- wonder who they are and what they do?????

At least K isnt being taken any more.  Not nice to say that it was a good thing that the bad man "dropped ober  deadeds!" as K says. There is still one bad boy that drives by sometimes when the dog goes out- black truck - big one - fairly new.  He slows down but that is all.  Also a little black car goes by- doesnt  belong around these parts- slows down but nothing else. K doesnt say anything about the car but when the truck goes by she will say "thats bees a baddeds boys".  And the little black car just gives you a bad feeling when it goes by.
Hey anybody out there have any reading material suggestions on how to help us? Open for suggestions....

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