Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Turns-es !!!!

Dis bees  Kawesa
Eyes  madeds  picsures  a days  heres  ons  de  wittle  tb  fings.
A  morrows  eyes  habes  toos  goes  toos  de  barneys  pwaces-es. (She calls Hershey Med Center the Barney place-that was the name for her brain tumor that was removed-that is what she called it anyways)
Eyes  habes  toos  getteds a  pecials  tests-es  fors  my hearts-es.  Sees  ifs  eyes  habes  toos  getteds  a oper-sa-tions  ons  my  hearts-es.
De  doc-cers   sayeds  dats  may bees  a  oper-sa-tions  mights  helpeds  my  sickeds   hearts-es  and dens  eyes  nots  habes  toos  getteds  a new  hearts-es ifs  de  oper-sa-tions  makeds  its  bees  betters.
Eyes  eateds  my  matoes  soups  and cackers  and  nows  eyes  bees  watchings  wheels(real)  babies  ons  de  reg-lars  tbs  nots  heres  ons  de  wittles  tbs  fings.
Afters  dats  eyes  getteds  mys  sprinklers  baffs(shower-the bad boys use to take K to a barn and afterwards throw her in a shower in the barn- it only had cold water-so she calls a shower a sprinkler)
Dere  bees  some  mores  peoples  wikeds  mees  insides  mees.
May bees  dey  makeds  picsures  waiters. (later)

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Turns-es

Dis bees  Kawesa.  Beff-knees  doings  de numbers (letters)  fors  mes.
Eyes  wanteds  sayeds  fanks  yous  (thank you)  toos  all my  friends-es   dats  makeds  picsures  heres  on de wittle  tb  fings. (computer-that is what k calls it)
Peciallys  my  friends-es  dats  writes  mees  wittles  wetters  cuz  no bodys  talkeds  toos  mees.   Eyes  wikeds  gettings  wittles  wetters  froms  ebery  bodys.

Eyes  misses   my  new  mommys  nots  gibings  mees  wittle  wetters.
Maybees  she  nots  bees  maddeds   no  mores  and  gibes  mees  a  wittles  wetters.
Dats  whats  eyes  askeds  Santa  Claws  fors  Kiss-miss.  Dats  she  makeds  mees  a  picsures  heres  justeds  fors  mees  and  calleds  mees  on  de  wittle  phones-es (cell phone)  and  sayeds  Merry 
Dats  bees  my  Kiss-miss  wishs-es.  Eyes  hopeds  dats  Santas  cans getts  mees  dats.   Eyes  askeds  hims  how  manys  dollars  eyes  habes  toos  gibes  hims  buts  he  nots  says  yets.
Eyes  bees  berry berry  wonelys  wait-lees. (lonely lately).  No bodys  comes  sees  mees  nos  mores  and  nos  bodys  called  mees  ons de  wittles  phones-es.   Eyes  habes  nos  bodys  toos  talkeds  toos.

De  baddeds  boyses  nots  comes  heres  nos  mores  sinces  de badded  mans-es   droppeds  obers deadeds.  Eyes  bees  berry berrys  gladdeds  bouts  dats!  Now  de  nots  dews  baddeds  fings  toos  mees  nos  mores !  Buts  somes  times  eyes  finks  eyes  heardeds  fings  and some times-es  whens  eyes  bees  sweepings  (sleeping)  eyes  sees  dems  dere  ins  my  sweeps. (sleep)  Eyes  wishs-es  my mommys  bees  heres  wiffs  mees  dens.  Dens  eyes  nots  bees  sews  scareds.  Eyes  not loouds  calleds  hers  whens  eyes  getteds  scareds - she useds  lets  mees  dews  dats - nows  eyes  justeds  cwrys  and cwrys and  cwrys.  Eyes  wisheds  she  nots  bees  maddeds  ats  mees  nos  mores  nows.  Eyes  nots  dews  nuffings.  Charlies  dews  it and  dens  my  new  mommys  getteds  maddeds.
Now  eyes  nots  ebens  cans  dews  picsures  for  prizes  wheres  she  makeds  picsures.  And  eyes  wikeds  dewings  dats. :( 
May bees  her  hearts  getteds  betters  nows  dats  its  bees  Kiss-miss  and dens  eyes  cans  makeds  picsures   deres  agains.  Dats  bees berry  berry goodeds! :) 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Having a Horrible Time

Right now "we" are having a horrible time!
Kalisa is sitting and crying for her mommy - who now wants nothing to do with her - I am mean - crap - its Christmas - how about a little compassion?
Our foot gets another month in the cast - no improvement there - this coming Weds we go to see if we need to get stents and or a pacemaker for the heart and right now the head hurts so bad that even two of the most powerful pain pills made arent helping!
Plus on top of that is the holiday family crap -  just a lovely time we are having. 

Poppy has revealed there is a "dark" twin of her - no name yet and then there was finding out that Charlie is a "she" and not a "he"

We lost time yesterday - thought today is Monday - at least the clock tells me the day besides the time!
It sure is hard being only 16 and handling all this stuff.
Elizabeth only comes out once and in awhile.  Since the person she played games with quit doing so -E just doest have any interest in being out.  Doesnt see the need to do so.

And K is worried that she wont get her "Kiss-miss"  wish list.  I hope she does - it always helps the rest of us and "our" life when she is not so depressed.
Well maybe making pics will help - very tense - doesnt help the head pain!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sorry Charlie

This is Crystal -
Charlie, who is "our" - "I want to die" part just reveiled  something to us.... "he" is a "she".
Yeap - Charlie is a girl.  So sorry Charlie for calling you a "he" for the last 3 yrs or so years.
Maybe that is why all the pics he .. oops! she has done have females in them and not males.
Just a guess on that.  She wants to die - so she makes all those dreadful pics - glad she doesnt come out more !  Hope she has a nice place to go to when she is inside......... wonder if it blows up when k blows up her internal world?
K has had ... oh about... at least 6 internal worlds that I am aware of.  And when she gets really mad - she blows them up ! (wonder what that means... her blowing up her world all the time?)
Well K wants to come out- saying it is her "turns-es"  to be on the computer.
So here is K and Bethany!
We gennas  dews  picsures  and writes  a wetters  waders.(later)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Wetters toos Santas Claws

Dears  Santas  Claws
Dis Kawesa
Dis  bees  my wetters toos  yous  fors  whats  eyes  wants  dis  years  fors  Kiss-miss.

Eyes  sees  some  purttys  fings  eyes  wikeds  fors  my  babies  buts  eyes  nots  gennas  askeds  yous   fors  dose  prizes.(K calls presents surprises - which is her term-"prizes")

Steads  eyes  gennas  askeds  yous  fors  some fings  elses.  O-tays?

Eyes  wants  toos  askeds  yous  fors  justeds  one  fings  and  dens  fors  justed  utters  fings  toos. O-tays?
Firstest  eyes  wants toos askeds  yous  ifs  eyes  cans  getteds  a picsures froms  my  new  mommys - ones  she  makeds  justeds  fors  mees heres  on de wittle  tb  fings. (thats what K calls the computer)
She  makeds  suchs  boo-fuls  (beautiful) picsures.  And  she  makeds  dems  fors  utters  grwhirls - sews  eyes  finkeds  dats  maybees  eyes  wikeds  her  makeds  mees  ones  justeds  for  mees.

And dens  de  utter  fings  eyes  gennas  askeds  yous  fors  is  ifs  she  calleds  mees  on  de wittle  phoneses (cell phone)  and  tell-wids  mees  Merry  Kiss-miss.
Dats  bees  alls  eyes  askeds  fors  - O-tays? 
Yous  habes  toos  tell-wids  mees  how  manys  dollars  dats  bees  sews  eyes  gives  you  nuff dollars  sews  eyes  cans  gets  bowffs (both)   prizes - o-tays?
Pease  bees  carefuls  dats  nights  ins  your sweds. (sled)
Oh der  bees utters  fings  toos - my new  mommy wants  toos  getteds   marry-weeds   toos  her  boyfriends. Can you pease  gibes  hers  dats  prizes  fors  her  Kiss-miss  prizes?  O-tays?  huh?
Fanks  yous  (thank you)  berry  berry  muchses.  Merry  Kiss-miss, Santas  Claws!

Damn Drunks !!!!!

3:45 Am this morning-just getting to sleep when the dog flys off the bed doing her prowler barking and throat growling!
Its sleeting- you can hear it hitting the side of the house and I guess the drunks made it this far down the street!
We live on the main drag about 2-3 blocks from a couple of bars - so the drunks (including the one that lives upstairs) found their way down the street this far!  There is a 12 ft space that is almost enclosed they way they built the house next door- it is actually fastened to this house upstairs so it is almost entirely enclosed and I found out that there are several drunks that make it that far in the bad weather and flop there!  That is till I call the cops! Cant say that they werent there last night!  Foot prints in the snow again!!!!!
So no sleep again! I have lost count on how many nights it is this time around.
We lay down but never go to sleep!

One good thing about the no sleep last night - I ran across a free program and got into the the admin account(password was changed- not by me but by the asst. dist attorney's office when they had it- and I have not been able to do any updates - that meant TWO years of no updates!
So after I found that program it took almost 12 hrs for all the updates to catch up and now there is only one more small problem to fix- and then this dinosauer of a computer should run pretty good.  A little slow at times - but as long as I can get polyvore to run- I will be happy.
And now K can play her games - couldnt do it before because it needed a flash update and I couldnt do that till last night.  So she is happy about getting her games back.
Now if only she would get her "Kiss-miss"  wish - she would be in 7th heaven if she got that!

Parts have all been taking their turn coming and going.
Could have used one with alot of muscle the other day!  Needed to move a roll top desk - just push it 45 degrees - but with a broken foot even in that walking cast - it took me 3 hrs to do what would have taken 2 people ten mins to do!  And then I was shot for the next 2 days!
See the doc Friday for both the foot and the heart.  Might have to go to a reg cast and crutches the doc said - foot not healing - I cant do crutches - have no strength in the arms because of the MS - so I dont know what I am going to do. If this walking cast stays - this foot might not be healed till summer!!!!  Bummer!!!!
Great big bummer!!!!

K sorted out some "warmest clothes"  for her babies - that is a 2-3 hr ordeal when she changes clothes on her babies.  She is trying to decide if they should go in their "Kiss-miss" clothes now or wait closer to Christmas.
Either way - thats a two day ordeal - changing them twice so close together.  She saw a new baby she would like- but it will have to wait. Wasnt even an expensive one - but food comes first right now.
Next thing we have to buy is a good portable heater.
This place is like living in a barn!  So cold and drafty.  Even the tortioses have stayed in their hide where it is warm.  They venture out once in a 24 hr period to eat and go right back in to get warm again!  If their body temp isnt a certain temperture - they cant digest their food.  I guess thats why some hibernate - these dont.  They are the only tortioses/turtles that do not hibernate.  I really should work on their blog site now that I got this running - couldnt put pics on it because it needed a java update to do it!
Guess there isnt any excuse now!

That is if all parts cooperate.  Some dont mind time spend on here - some watch and see what is going on - others dont like on here.  K would live on here if she could.
Poppy was out for a little bit-did a pic on polyvore yesterday. At least Charlie isnt around right now. He is the "I want to die" part.
Not sure what Poppy's job is.  I think she is between 12 and 14 yrs old.  Somewhere in there....
Well need to go look to see where those footprints all went - it is light outside now.
I just wish the drunks, tramps and preps would all find some place "nicer" to go  to - like in not here at all !!!!!!!!!!