Monday, March 22, 2010

Temper Tantrum !

Oh that child!  Kalisa doesnt want some of her toys packed to move! She wants to take them in the car!
But with the dog in her car seat (yes she has a car seat and really spoiled !) in the front seat, and the tortoises in a large bin in the back seat, with the bin of medical stuff we have to take with us - cant go in the moving truck, a suitcase, and groceries that are here in the house and the computer - there isnt room for toys!
They are all things given to her by her "new mommy", except the doll. It wasnt given to her by her mommy - but the other things were.

She actually was having fun packing things till it was time to do her things.  We are just going room by room and her things are next ! She now has them in a little pile- if you want to call it that-all together and gaurding them!

It is so hard to do this packing- she comes out and does her thing and packing sometimes doesnt get done.  If the others could come out - maybe in three  8 hr days everything would be packed- with the exception of what we need to use till moving day!  I hate this!  And once we get to where we are going- it will just as bad unpacking!  She will have children to play with and the unpacking will never get done!  HELP !

She doesnt listen to any of us- she only would listen (90 %) of the time) to her new mommy.  she would do this so her new mommy would be happy or proud of her - now there is no mommy here and things are
just "all Kalisa's way!"
Sometimes she is so irritating and stubborn! 

You would think she would want to pack her things and get down there so she could play with Brandon and Evan.  And be safer - not living alone any more.  But no - she just has to have those things out where she can see them all the time.  They are all in plain sight - if you want to call it that!
What am I going to do ?  Wish I could ship her to her "new mommy" for awhile!

New mommy is going back to Italy in May - and hoping to get married then.
At least that is what K says. But K isnt suppose to know that. But K and new mommy have a connection- at least K does with mommy.  I dont know if it works the other way- new mommy with K.
But K knows when new mommy is happy or sad- she warned her to be caeful right before her car accident,
K just knows things that are happening about her mommy - it is weird- like she is mentally connected with her. They even pick out the same pics on ployvore on the same day and even about the same time and even end up making the same theme in the pics!  Weird!  Really weird!
I dont know why K has this.......

I guess that is why she is so upset that her new mommy has deserted her!  She doesnt want any contact at all from K!  Totally broke K's heart when she did that!
All because of another part-Charlie-who causes trouble - and that is what Charlie did!
But new mommy took it out on K.  Not fair but that is what happened!

Well there is a part that wants to come out and color- even know what picture they want to color!
So I guess it is thier turn out while K is having her tantrum!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Their Back !!!!

Well after feeling that "we" were once safe and sound..... (this is Crystal)   I guess you should never let your guard down!
Guess if we had a therapist - she would have told us that...... lesson learned.... all on our own !  but would have been nice if there would have been someone to tell us to watch and warn us !

Possibly  "they are back"  or someone elsse has now taken over the main bad man's place. (he dropped over dead in a fit of rage one time the bad boys snatched k and took her to the little cabin - with her broken foot! K said he was ranting and raving at the bad boys and his face turned bright red and he dropped over dead!)

About 2 weeks ago after "we" were done on polyvore and went to turn off the computer - the caption boxes under the desktop icons- or whatever they are called - changed color! They were a lite blue- but when i went to turn off the coomputer... they now were a what was called a seafoam green....pretty but didnt go with the blue background.
Two days ago when I went to turn off the computer (was on ployvore once again) the desktop background was now a CHESS BOARD !!!!!!    TRIGGER- TRIGGER- TRIGGER.... BIG  TIME !
it is now all back to what is was before - whoever was messing with the computer is doing it once again! Or someone from that group!

This is why the district attorneys office had this hard drive for a year!  Someone was doing that remote thing with it  but the DA office said they didnt find anything..... but why would they?  He - the DA - was assrested (while they had this hard drive) for child abuse !!!!!!!!
And now it is starting up again !

Glad we are moving!  Dont think they will come that far to get K!
Hope there arent any perps  that find out about her once we move.
There are 23 perps(child abuses/molester) right here in town!  One lives 2 doors down!  But the other 22  live within a 10 block radius!

Where we are moving I think there are 12 in a 20 mile radius.  But we will not be living alone - moving in with the host's 35 yr old son, 9 & 4 yr old grandsons and 2 more dogs!
Here we live by ourself and the 6 lb poodle - which I think the perps had befriended.  Sometimes she barked and sometimes when they were around she didnt!

Well so much for being safe the last few weeks we are here!!!!!  SH*****T !!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Move

This is Crystal .....a very tired Crystal.
Yesterday I started to pack the 4000 books that Terry has - I DIDed out some where along the line but most of the books got packed.

But the poor little tortoises!  The "other" part that ended up packing the books- unplugged the baby torts light and heater!  They didnt get too cold - went down to 77  - needs to be in the high 80's.  So today I rearranged things and they now have heat nad light !  Cooked them yellow squash - hope they like it!

Kalisa is having a rough time.  She doesnt want to pack her "babies".  But we cant take them in the car- we have to have the dog in her car seat in the front- all 4 tortioses in a container on the back seat - along with a big plactic tote of all the medicines, jewelry, important papers, a suitcase of clothes and the computer of course!  So there wont be room for the "babies" in the car!  She wont even pack her toys!

Right now she is thinking about doing pics on polyvore.  I need that Arnie S. part to come out and finish the books!
Still have about 500 to pack.  And then all the fragile stuff in the that huge curio cabinet and on the book shelfs!  That will be about 8 of those big plastic totes!  Then it will be just about packed!
We hope to out of here by the 9th.
Then it is an 8 hour drive!  Havent dont that in 3 yrs!  Been too sick to do that long drive!
But where there is a will - there is a way!
Oh - I think I need a rest!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Locked in 4 yr old mind

This is Crystal - (I am 16 yr old part)
I have come to the conclusion that maybe Kalisa has it made.  She doesnt have to handle the everyday stuff - I should say the everyday life stuff....I can see why people have the problems they do.... I liked just being the "me part" and only having to handle the "part" stuff.

Everyday life sucks!   I can see why Terry (the host) and Elizabeth - the main adult part that took over after Terry went on her permanent "vacation" (as K calls it)  ducked out !
Elizabeth thought it isnt worth the hassle anymore since K only has to survive everyday living - E did the driving and the bills and doctor stuff.
But since there isnt any therapy - of any kind to go to - and since the president and the state took away our medical insurance - that means NO doctors - no money to go to them! "We" owe about $4000.00 in dr bills for last year... What do you do when you dont have the money to pay them?  I mean I am asking the question as a question.... What do you do?  I mean - I dont know.
We got the food situation conquered yesterday - went to a church and they will give us food for the next 3 months.  So we got that figured out.

Had to do a car inspection the other day.   Had no idea what the guy was talking about - only knew that used our food and electric bill money to get the car inspected.

K just "takes care of her babies" (life like dolls)  She thinks that they are really real!  And treats them that way.  She has her 4 "torgues-es" (tortoises) and the dog.  She plays on polyvore and Facebook with her "fluff" and is content. 

Now last week - this poor body was soooooo   sick!  "We" had to get the IV for 3 days for the MS flare up -it is like getting a chemo treatment.  We got so sick from it this time around.  Other times we didnt get that sick at all.  K actually stayed in - only came out to try and I say try to eat  some cookies or something like that.  Came out a couple of times while watching "the babies getting borneds" on TV.  She still is trying to figure out how they get in there!  Remember the t trying to explain that to her - could tell that the t never had any kids!  lol

Just wish K's "new mommy" would just send her a "hi" or make her a pic on poly for her - would get her out of the depression she is in.  I feel she owes K that much.

"We" are always going to exisit.  "We" are never going to get the opportunity to "heal"  - this body will go out of this wold in  its present DID state because there just isnt any help out there for us to do the necessary healing.  In a couple of weeks the body turns 56 - and with the present health state of the body "we" dont have that opportunity of time - to get and have necessary healing.
At least there is no more abuse - since the bad man "droppeds  obers deadeds" as K says.  That was in Nov last year.
So now it is bad memories and all the alters....

We did find out thate Charlie - the "I want to die " part - is female not male.  We and the t thought it was male.
And there is Willow, Autumn, Emily - new child parts that have made themselves known on polyvore.
I wonder how many other parts there are?

Oh well, I guess I complainded enough for awhile............