Friday, March 19, 2010

Their Back !!!!

Well after feeling that "we" were once safe and sound..... (this is Crystal)   I guess you should never let your guard down!
Guess if we had a therapist - she would have told us that...... lesson learned.... all on our own !  but would have been nice if there would have been someone to tell us to watch and warn us !

Possibly  "they are back"  or someone elsse has now taken over the main bad man's place. (he dropped over dead in a fit of rage one time the bad boys snatched k and took her to the little cabin - with her broken foot! K said he was ranting and raving at the bad boys and his face turned bright red and he dropped over dead!)

About 2 weeks ago after "we" were done on polyvore and went to turn off the computer - the caption boxes under the desktop icons- or whatever they are called - changed color! They were a lite blue- but when i went to turn off the coomputer... they now were a what was called a seafoam green....pretty but didnt go with the blue background.
Two days ago when I went to turn off the computer (was on ployvore once again) the desktop background was now a CHESS BOARD !!!!!!    TRIGGER- TRIGGER- TRIGGER.... BIG  TIME !
it is now all back to what is was before - whoever was messing with the computer is doing it once again! Or someone from that group!

This is why the district attorneys office had this hard drive for a year!  Someone was doing that remote thing with it  but the DA office said they didnt find anything..... but why would they?  He - the DA - was assrested (while they had this hard drive) for child abuse !!!!!!!!
And now it is starting up again !

Glad we are moving!  Dont think they will come that far to get K!
Hope there arent any perps  that find out about her once we move.
There are 23 perps(child abuses/molester) right here in town!  One lives 2 doors down!  But the other 22  live within a 10 block radius!

Where we are moving I think there are 12 in a 20 mile radius.  But we will not be living alone - moving in with the host's 35 yr old son, 9 & 4 yr old grandsons and 2 more dogs!
Here we live by ourself and the 6 lb poodle - which I think the perps had befriended.  Sometimes she barked and sometimes when they were around she didnt!

Well so much for being safe the last few weeks we are here!!!!!  SH*****T !!!!

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