Friday, November 18, 2011

Will Give this a Try

This is Crystal-as I have said in the past I am not one to keep something like this up-Elizabeth was pretty good at it-but not me.
We havent been on poly much- in too much pain to sit up for long periods of time.
Usually the pain doesnt bother K but it has begun to bother her too.
We havent been able to sleep for the past several weeks and being tired and in pain are really getting to us.

And then there are the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just 2 more days of the year to us.  I am lucky K is use to not having much of a Christmas and not a Thanksgiving.  We are just to poor to worry about holidays.  K is owed 3 Christmases and 3 birthdays.  She knows if there arent any dollars then she doesnt get anything.  Poor kid-that is the story of her life!  She would just be happy if her mommy would just say hi to her.

Our foot operation has been cancelled.  The dr said we are too sick to be operated on-so we have to get better first.  Maybe after the new year.  We cant sit up for more then 90 mins-the pain is too great.  So we have been living in bed-some life!

Well  K would like to look at polyvore-maybe make a pic.