Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is Crystal -how do I get a NEW job as an alter????
Yesterday "we" had to get up at 3 AM to be at the VA hospital in Johnson City by 8AM.
We had 3 appoinments -which turned into 5 and was there from 7 AM till 4 PM !
The first was a neurology appoint - to exstablish with that dept "our" MS and 3 yr ago removal of 2 brain tumors.  Well...when they did that shine the light into your eye bit- the pupils did NOT react to the light !
Not good-not good at all! This appoinment lasted 1 1/2 hrs long!
Well that resulted into 2 appointments this Sunday AM - a CT scan of the brain and CT scan of the cervical spine(neck) to see what is going on.  That means a 2 hr drive down and back on Sunday! :(

The next appointment (1 hr long it lasted) was for hearing.  Well....make the story short..."we" get 2 hearing aids-will be ready in about 2 months.  Going deaf.....
Now K was really good when they squirted that silcone stuff in the ears to make the molds.
How she will do with hearing aids in the ears all the time-that will be interesting !

So the we snuck in some lab work and because we are diabetic - a visit to the nurse to "learn how" to use an accu ck machine.  That was a laugh! That appoint was scheduled for the 12th but I was not driving 2 hrs just for that!  Such a waste of time and money!

Then after a tastless hamburger the last appontment was a 2 hr one in the eye clinic!
Well- yes we need new glasses  but we were NOT ready for the "you are going blind" !
Was asked by the dr if we were ever in a car wreck and hit the back of our head- the answer was no to that.
But then I am not one to give answers to the medical history of this body.
The right eye has sever scar tissue on the optic nerve- not too much can be done for that....but the left eye the optic nerve is being tore away from the eye ball - options- dr said right now it is not too bad- has to be watched and cked every 4 months - if gets worse - poss surgery to TRY - yes that is what she said - TRY to fix it.
With the surgery either they can fix it or you end up blind in that eye because they cant fix it.

So today "we" were told that we are going deaf and blind!
How nice !
I want a different job!
I dont want to do this any more!