Sunday, April 22, 2012


This is Crystal-the screen is saying my browser is no longer supported by Blogger-I downloaded that goggle thingy-I hate when they change things around.
We have to go to Johnson City tomorrow early AM for 2 dr appoinments-that means fighting with K to wash her hair.  I wish we could have it short again but since that radiation tx and we lost our hair on that spot- we left it grow out to cover the bald spot.  It hasnt started to grow back in yet.  So our hair is half way down our back and that means fighting with K to wash it!
We took all the pills we can take tonight for the pain-it is just horrible! With this weird weather-hot then cold and rainy- between all the changes- it doesnt do the MS or arthritis any good.  We can only sit for about 10 mins before we have to lay down - and then we can only lay down for about 10 mins before we have to get back up!
I wonder if life will get any better?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Tired !

This is Crystal-any more a half down at Johnson City at the VA hospital wears us out! We had a MRI of the head-for both the brain tumors and the MS status.  We have them now once a year.  That was the goal-yearly instead of every several months.  So I guess you can say that is am improvement!  Right!  But now they need to do something for the terrible pain we have!
K doent have any problem with going in the "spaces-es  tubes-es  fors  your  brains-es"  I am glad or there would be a real problem with that.
We moved the puppies to the kitchen-they learned how to get out the opening for the door- they will be 6 wks on Weds.  Time sure is going fast.  We are keeping Minnie because she is so fragile and we are afraid that someone would not take care of her properly and she would die.  Brandon wanted to know why we could keep all of the! If we had a big yard-well maybe-would have to think about it.
I do believe that someone else has been out because things are done and pics made-but I dont know who.
I am just sssooooooooo  tired!