Friday, June 29, 2012


This is Crystal
"We" have been really disorienetd the last three days!
 Driving down the road suddenly you dont recognize where you are- disoriented in WalMAr t(which we never are because K kepts track of things in there), having trouble remembering what we are doing in the middle of doing things- not remembering things and really out of it on the "time" thing!
Woke up at 7:40 the other day and thought it was AM when it was PM!  And that isnt the first time in the past 3 days that this has happend!
I wonder what is going on?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shadow Man

Well looks like K is playing with "buttons" again!
This is Crystal-been awhile again since I visited here.
Oh-I have to change that hot pink!
This is better!
Well since last time we are going blind in our left eye-but It may be repairable-so I made an appointment to see the dr and see if both eyes cant be fixed so we can see better!
And hoping that the A1C is down to 7 so the foot can be fixed.

Brandon(the host's grandson) will start home schooling when the schools around here start back.
His ADHD is something the schools around here dont or I should say dont want to deal with- past him to 6th grade when he is only reading at a 3rd grade level.  So this program will start him at his"ability" level and it might take 2 yrs for him to catch up to where he belongs.
So things will not be so quiet here during the day any more.

Shadow Man was out just a little while ago and made a pic on polyvore-he didnt sign it - but it was made my him and K says he was out.
That is really strange because she is usually alert and not let other alters out. So K's guard was down!
Anthony an 8yr old boy alter that K and her past therapist contained has been trying to escape from his "room" he was put in. He is a very destructive little boy!

K has been very concerned over "Nathaniel and Nathan" the "little boys" who live in her therapist"s picture that she had hanging up in her office.  She said that those 2 little boys are trapped in the picture and need K's help to get out! The past therapist still has the pictures and K asks about it from time to time.  But recently she has been thinking about it alot!  I hope the therapist didnt get rid of the picture! I would hope she would ask K if she wants its before she does something with it!

K was approached by a person on polyvore-someone who she thought was going to be a friend to her and she found out that that person had plans to try and mind control K !
K is a very stubborn little girl! And when she found out what was going to be tried on her! Well......
But K is aware of that person and no harm came to her-K just needs guidance at times and this was one of those times!
I wish "her mommy" still talked to her and could warn her about stuff like that!
Her mommy talks to other people about her-so why not just talk to her? It would make K the happiest person in the universe!