Monday, August 27, 2012


This is Crystal-I am pretty lousy at posting here-keeping up with "Terry's" life  and Kalisa who is sooo  rambunctious and active!

Well since last time we had an "oper-sa-tions"  - which left about a nickle size hole in the not so fleshly part of your butt cheek!(where the under neath side of your butt cheek sits on a chair).  Had an abscess  there and the doc  fixed it there in the office-but it is not healing so that means a trip to the OR.  So I guess that will be in about 2 weeks.

Also a heart dr appointment and eye appointment to see if they are going to operate on the left eye-something growing over the retina and we are half blind in that eye.
Wish we could get that no good for nothing doc to fix the cyst inside our face-that is starting to flare up again-which means it is eating away at the tissue on the inside of the face again!  Soon we will not have a face to worry about!  There wont be any tissue left inside!

And then that poor foot!  How long do we have to walk on it broken?  We keep turning it because it is so weak and you now can hear the bone snap when the foot turns the wrong way!  I know the bone beneath the little toe is split-you can feel the point of it-but that dr wont operate till BS gets to 7 and that isnt going to happen as long as we have all these other infections in the body! I hope it gets fixed before they have to cut it off!

And then to all the people who have followed us here and on other sites(where one person was writing about us-where we were known as "Katie")-  yes "we" are still alive- but I think that is because of the blood thinners they put us on- so therefore no heart attack yet!  Thank the good Lord on that!  But I really do think it is because of them and the 50 other pills that we take to stay alive- and yes just like any other person who takes alot of meds- yes we get tired of swallowing that many-  but we are still here- which means Tedi- we take our pills like we should and dont need to be jailed in a psych ward because we make the statement that we get tired of swallowing them!  Dont mean we still dont take them-ever think of that?
That was an un-necessary 3 days locked up and a doggie motel bill because we had Tierra!  Boy! Right now with Tierra, Oscar and the 4 puppies!  I dont want THAT  doggie motel bill!
Any body out there need a really spoiled chihuahua puppy? 2 girls and 1 boy-all lap dogs!
I know Me-Crystal wouldn't know what me and k would have done without Tierra when we were alone-she was not only a great companion but a very good watch dog!

Now about the DID part.  We or I should say me- talked to a shrink a couple of weeks ago but that was for being raped when in the Air Force- the result- the one and only living child of Terry's. (she lost 2 daughters)  But the shrink after 2 different times and only about 2 hours worth of talking to us- turned ME-Crystal- and she knew that it was me Crystal she was talking to -turned me into Social Services for abuse, neglect and being incompetent! Well that went over like a lead balloon with me! Held my composure while SS was here but lost it after they pulled out of the drive!  And had to have Frank(Terry's son who we live with) smooth things over with his x-wife because the next day they showed up at her door!  End results -they dropped the case but the SS ladies let the "DID" dx out of the hat-which they shouldnt have.  Have been told we have a law suit there.... ????

A new alter tried to come out several weeks ago-but K wouldnt let them out.  Right now everyone "in there" needs to behave!
K made her "birffs-days & Kiss-miss-es"  lists and a pic on poly of her list.  She hopes to get it all this year.  Good luck and wishing K!

Other then with physical things with the body-and believe it or not K has behaved at the dr for now- nothing new or exciting happening with alters!  Thank goodness for that!