Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Move

This is Crystal .....a very tired Crystal.
Yesterday I started to pack the 4000 books that Terry has - I DIDed out some where along the line but most of the books got packed.

But the poor little tortoises!  The "other" part that ended up packing the books- unplugged the baby torts light and heater!  They didnt get too cold - went down to 77  - needs to be in the high 80's.  So today I rearranged things and they now have heat nad light !  Cooked them yellow squash - hope they like it!

Kalisa is having a rough time.  She doesnt want to pack her "babies".  But we cant take them in the car- we have to have the dog in her car seat in the front- all 4 tortioses in a container on the back seat - along with a big plactic tote of all the medicines, jewelry, important papers, a suitcase of clothes and the computer of course!  So there wont be room for the "babies" in the car!  She wont even pack her toys!

Right now she is thinking about doing pics on polyvore.  I need that Arnie S. part to come out and finish the books!
Still have about 500 to pack.  And then all the fragile stuff in the that huge curio cabinet and on the book shelfs!  That will be about 8 of those big plastic totes!  Then it will be just about packed!
We hope to out of here by the 9th.
Then it is an 8 hour drive!  Havent dont that in 3 yrs!  Been too sick to do that long drive!
But where there is a will - there is a way!
Oh - I think I need a rest!

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