Sunday, December 13, 2009

Having a Horrible Time

Right now "we" are having a horrible time!
Kalisa is sitting and crying for her mommy - who now wants nothing to do with her - I am mean - crap - its Christmas - how about a little compassion?
Our foot gets another month in the cast - no improvement there - this coming Weds we go to see if we need to get stents and or a pacemaker for the heart and right now the head hurts so bad that even two of the most powerful pain pills made arent helping!
Plus on top of that is the holiday family crap -  just a lovely time we are having. 

Poppy has revealed there is a "dark" twin of her - no name yet and then there was finding out that Charlie is a "she" and not a "he"

We lost time yesterday - thought today is Monday - at least the clock tells me the day besides the time!
It sure is hard being only 16 and handling all this stuff.
Elizabeth only comes out once and in awhile.  Since the person she played games with quit doing so -E just doest have any interest in being out.  Doesnt see the need to do so.

And K is worried that she wont get her "Kiss-miss"  wish list.  I hope she does - it always helps the rest of us and "our" life when she is not so depressed.
Well maybe making pics will help - very tense - doesnt help the head pain!

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