Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sorry Charlie

This is Crystal -
Charlie, who is "our" - "I want to die" part just reveiled  something to us.... "he" is a "she".
Yeap - Charlie is a girl.  So sorry Charlie for calling you a "he" for the last 3 yrs or so years.
Maybe that is why all the pics he .. oops! she has done have females in them and not males.
Just a guess on that.  She wants to die - so she makes all those dreadful pics - glad she doesnt come out more !  Hope she has a nice place to go to when she is inside......... wonder if it blows up when k blows up her internal world?
K has had ... oh about... at least 6 internal worlds that I am aware of.  And when she gets really mad - she blows them up ! (wonder what that means... her blowing up her world all the time?)
Well K wants to come out- saying it is her "turns-es"  to be on the computer.
So here is K and Bethany!
We gennas  dews  picsures  and writes  a wetters  waders.(later)

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