Friday, January 21, 2011

Will try again

This is Crystal- well the fingers are working a little bit better right now.
Let Kalisa play on polyvore and make pics- Nonna a new alter took her to the "Energy House" as she calls it.
I guess it is a meditation temple of some kind.
Terry the host, has all the chakra healing books and things from years ago.  She was into that.
Kalisa calls meditation - "med-cine-nations."

K got to talk to 2 of her polyvore friends and got another new friend there.  She is always happy when someone talks to her.  No one talks to her but there any more.
She is waiting for her new doll to come- it is just now being made.  I hope she will like it.

Her new mommy got a doll from where K gets hers - but it sounds like they sent her the wrong doll!  I hope not-the doll she said she ordered was more then the one it sounds like they sent here.  She needs to ck that out! These are not cheap dolls!

Well I guess I will try the games and see if the brain and eye-hand thing is working.
I hate it when the MS kicks in and the body doesnt want to cooperate !

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