Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is Crystal  -  I  just wanted to explain that Kalisa is an empath.(sp ?)  She is so tied "by my silbers freds"(silver thread) to her mommy -that this whole week is a -if you can call it- a repeat -replay of her mommy's life.
K made "anger" pics, worried about her new doll, checking on it and being disappointed that there will be a delay in delivery, the same kind and spots of pain in the body,etc,etc......
There are many weeks like this.  K knows what is going on with her and how she feels.
K can also astral project.  She does this alot during surgery-both her's and her mommy's.

She knew about her mommy's car wreck and warned her to be careful before it happened that day.I guess that would be called a vision (?).  Yes K is psychic.  I guess that can be both good and bad.
Bad because she can feel the sadness and depression of her mommy but good for K so that she knows her mommy is OK.
I dont know if her mommy believes this-but it is true.

Maybe then some of the stuff K says will make more sense to others when she says certain things.
And there a great carry over I noticed in pics on polyvore at times-some times even the same pic is used and that is really weird when K hasnt seen any pics her mommy has made that day. 
It gives me a spooky feeling.  I guess I need to get use to those kinds of feelings.  I dont feel them all the time- just when that little stinker lets her guard down a little!
Oh well I hear her yelling that she isnt a little stinker! She wants to make pics on polyvore.
Guess my time is up for now! Later.- Crystal

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