Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Day

This is Crystal. I guess  I am not very good at keeping this up.  Kalisa has been out alot lately-sick- but out doing her thing.
It is 3 degrees outside right now-even the dogs dont like to go out!
It is suppose to snow all week-we already have a foot of snow-we dont need any more!
Have to go to Johnson City Wed for drs appointments-hope it doesnt snow too bad till then.
The foot isnt healing very well and the month needs surgery.

K is getting a new "baby"..was her "Kiss-miss-es prize".
It is depressing knowing that all the professionals have given up on us. How will we ever heal without any help?  I would like to heal.  Kalisa is so strong without any guidance from the outside.
I just dont know what to do.

Alters use to be in the "back ground" but I dont even feel them there anymore.  It is like they are all hiding - just waiting...maybe to see what is going to happen...or waiting for their turn...Anthony who was in "his room" even seems to be emerging in the back ground.... seems as though all the work that was done is now just about all undone.

It is like a dark cave with you standing at the want to go in but you dont know what is there...
you are in limbo........

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