Sunday, December 26, 2010

Need Escape Hatch

This is Crystal. Kalisa is doing her thing at not letting anyone out except when necessary-like to drive. Even at the drs she is out any more. I guess to make sure they dont do anything that she would not approve.

I have asked the main VA dr for a therapist - but it hasnt happened.  He thinks it is because there is NOT one that handles DID.  Want else is new!  I wish I was still in Mburg where there a therapist to go to.  "We" actually miss going to  therapist.

The tortoises "furnace" blew up the other day. Cant complain- lasted 2 1/2 yrs going cont at 90-100 degrees! Guess I would blow up too if I did that for 2 1/2 yrs!  They have a rm heater that is at 84 degrees but they seem sluggish and not really interested in eating.  I go to Johnson City to the dr next week- that is where the nearest pet store is at that has a "furnace" for them. (80 miles !) I guess that can be a belated Xmas present for them!
K is getting the Lily Rose doll from Aston Drakes-you have to send in a reserve card-might not get here till Feb.  And for her B-day she is getting her very own "baby Gracie" doll.  She will be so thrilled when she gets that!

The head has been hurting so bad and the MS is kicking in-I guess because of the snow.  We have a really warm day and then it drops in the teens.  Not a good thing for a person with MS.  Makes your life really miserable.  Even goes over to K who doesnt feel very well when it kicks in.  She always wants her blanky and her mommy.

Elizabeth was able to get out the other day and post here. And Charlie tried to get out but K wouldnt let her. After what Charlie did- got us kicked off the Adult Survivor site after posting there.  K was so upset and still is that she cant put her art there. She feels so lost and alone. And she misses her "mommy".  Wish her "mommy" would just write her a "hello" note. K is starting to get depressed.  She usually just goes with the flow but not lately.

K has fould while doing her polyvore art - that a certain bunny is a "safe thing" to have and that her"Enore pjs and animals are safe things".  She would like that bunny-we will have to see about getting her one. She hasnt carried her lambs around since moving here. Asked her about that and only got a stare.
There is one man who does go around and exposes hims self to young girls-K was walking the dog one night and he did it to the teen girls next door.  They were sitting outside.  He did it as he walk passed them.
There is a known child perp that lives the next street over. K hasnt run into him yet.
She still has the flashbacks during the rain storms-rainstorms I dont think will ever be safe to her.

I wonder if that is why (the rain) when we drove here the very first time while "moving" here from PA -that we lost 2 hrs and got lost 10 miles from here? I still dont know what happened those two hrs and I really dont remember the 8 hr drive(that turned into a 10 hr drive) either.  Would like to know what happened that very rainy drive that day.  Maybe someday we will remember. (sign)
Well K wants to do a "picsure".

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