Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So Sad

It is so sad to read this - things that are written by all the "parts".
Knowing that "we" will always be stuck in limbo and at the mercy of the perps that get Kalisa to come out . They have her programmed so well!

"We" have some what mastered the polyvore site for therapy art work.
But have been cut off of it and other sites we went to because of a person's fear.
It just makes you feel even more so alone and wondering why you should keep trying.
Someone or something always seems to be shooting you down.

A new part revealed herself just the other day. Another young girl- Su Ling. She made 2 collages on polyvore. The kids seem to like that site alot. I guess because they dont get sticky fingers from the glue!

No one really cares about another person anymore in this world.
They all just seem to think about themselves.

Where did the out stretched hand go?
The one that you could turn to - who would be there when you needed someone just to be there?
That seems to be a thing of the past any more.
I wonder if that will ever return?

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