Sunday, August 23, 2009

Killed During Surgery

Well it has been awhile since anything has been posted here.
Kalisa got into polyvore and doing art work there. She still "goos picsures" and has started another scrapbook. She does most on pages for a scrapbook and keeps them some what organized that way.
Only wish all her 100's of pics she cuts out daily were that organizes!

Well 2 wks ago "we" had a repeat of the "butt" surgery done again.
The surgery itself went OK but the recovery wasnt. I should have been home by noon the same day instead of being admitted to ICU at 9:30 PM that night!
The stupid recovery nurse gave this body a morphine IV push every time I said I hurt and ended up over dosing me on it!
"we" quit breathing and was basically "dead" for 3-5 mins until they decided to try and reverse the overdose! They had given me 18 morphine IV pushes when it should have only been 6 !!!!
Kalisa said she remembers standing at the head of the bed and watching them trying to reverse their mistake! She said she was "an angel" for "justs a wittles bits".
Heart rate went to 37 -breathing a big fat ZERO and BP then lowest it has ever been!
Even now the BP is still so low that I dont need the 5 BP pills that I take daily!

That was a horrible experience and I havent been able to sleep since then!
Then the Monday night after that was done (done that past Friday) I was home and started to hemorrhage! I rode it out! For 2 days all I did was get the dog out 2x a day and then lay in bed- I hurt sooooo bad and tried to take pain pills and only ended up puking my guts out after taking them! I guess the morphine wasnt out of my body yet and my body was rejecting any more pain medicine! Guess this body would never be able to over dose on pain meds! Too much in the system and the body just pukes it out!

The perps were around 3 nights ago. Blow that damn cigarette smoke in the window AC unit! Made the whole place stink!
But -Kalisa didnt open the door! Good girl!!!!

Oh I should have said that this is Crystal typing here. I am the 16 yr old part. Elizabeth "went on vacation" as Kalisa calls it.
E said that she isnt needed anymore and that me being 16 should be able to handle a 4 yr old - so E has left the scene.
Kalisa has learned something new- not a good thing really - she has learned how to talk in a grown up voice when she has to and if you dont know her - you would never know that you really were talking to a 4 yr old!
She is in control of the body most of the time anymore. "We" usually are just here at home and she just plays with her dolls or takes the dog out when she has to go out.

The necessary things get done - and "we" really only just exist.
No one but perps come around - no one ever calls "us" and therapy is a thing of the past.
Since I only have medicare the therapy bill isnt covered and "we" cant afford the bill - so there will not be any more therapy for us.

Things still are not unpacked from our move May a year ago - but that isnt a priority. It will get done when it gets done.
K has fun with her "torguses" (tortoises). The 2 oldest are not caged any more- they have a room of their own that they roam around in - the other two are still in the cage till next May when they will be 2 yrs old and old enough to roam out of the cage. Also big enough that you can see them and not step on them!

Maybe I can get someone to tell me how to link this to polyvore and then you can see K's collages. If she draws anything for on here I will be sure to add it.
Perps around again tonight but K isnt out right now - she stays just behind the scene so "she" doesnt feel the body's pain! Little stinker has learned alot of new tricks!
Anybody have ant suggestions what to do with here?

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VICKI IN AZ said...

Hello Crystal!!
I found you. Thank you for trying until you could help me find your blog. I like it very much. I am very glad to get to read what you have written. You are so smart. I am so glad to read here that Kalisa is able to not let the perps in sometimes. I hate that they hurt you. I hate that you have to go through so much.
I am going out of town this morning with my family for a few days. I will read more when I come back. I will miss you and Kalisa and her collages. I really like you girls so much. Take care and know that I will be thinking of you and sending you all hugs. (If that is ok with you all!)
♥ Vicki