Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long Over Due Update

I am Crystal - I am this body's 16 yr old part.  I encourge you to start at the beginning of this blog and also visit other sites on DID. (strongly suggest the one to the right)
The host bowed out over 3-4 yrs ago and left Elizabeth -an adult part to take over.
She started this blog and started with a little history of the host's life story and a bit of our life story.
This site can be triggering for some- so please be careful.  It is not meant to cause harm or anxiety to anyone.

Kalisa - the 4 yr old part - is the strongest part of our system   She has control when ever she wants and for as long as she wants.  She is "out" most of the time.  "We" are functional as far as daily living - the host had to quit nursing 5-6 yrs ago.  Not only because of DID but also because of multiple other medical problems.
Kalisa (as well as the host body) has always had an above average intelligence. She can be a "little stinker"!
(Such as right now she jumped out and said -"Eyes  nots a stinkers- eyes  nots  bees  stinkeds!")
She also insists that you type words the way she pronouns them.  Because not only of the abuse but also the neglect - Kalisa does have a speech problem.

Presently Kalisa is not letting Elizabeth out-why she is not saying.  She will let me out - I can do the driving-
she lets Bethany out - I think she is around 8 yrs old - Bethany helps K (Kalisa) here on the computer.
Please have pateince with us - we are not too very smart when it come to this computer and the how toos. And it doesnt help when other littles delete the help that is emailed to us.

I am going to try and keep this site up to date - since I found it.
"We" do art therpy work on Polyvore - under E & K -stands for Elizabeth and Kalisa.  Elizabeth started that site also for K.

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VICKI IN AZ said...

Hi Hi Crystal!!!
Here is the dealeo!! You girls are all very smart and I am incredibly impressed with how well you all get along. Thank you for taking such good care of Kalisa, she is so very blessed to have you there. Don't let her drive you too crazy, I sure know how difficult kids can be I have had 4 of them myself.
Please tell Kalisa for me that I have 1 daughter and I call her stinkerbell as a nickname. Her name is Mollie. Stinkerbell is a loving name and I adore her. Tell her I said that 4 year olds are supposed to be stinkers and you are not mean for saying that!!
I wish there was a way that I could let you all know how much I do care about you. I am glad you are writing!!
I will be back on the weekend in 4 days!! Kalisa, don't let those bad boyses in. Stay home with the dog and your dolls and Crystal PLEASE. Think of your new mommy. She would not let those bad boyses take you. She would kick them.
♥ to you girls,