Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update for Polyvore followers

Hi!  This is Crystal (I am a 16 yr old part)
For the polyvore followers - if you do not see art work or get an answer from "us" (Kalisa or any others)
it usually is because the perps have gotten Kalisa.
They sometimes keep her for 2 days - one time 4 days.
"We" are not missed by anyone because all our friends and family have deserted us - so there isnt anyone to check on us.
The local police call us "crazy' and the littles and myself do not trust them anyways.  Some of the perps dress as police, firemen and EMTs in the past.  So "we" do not know who is good or bad.
So please do not think we are upset with you. OK?
And yes the perps had Kalisa for several days.
Took her to another barn where they had a half grown lioness tied up - told K that if she didnt do as they said - they would turn the "lion" on her to let it eat her!
Where they got the critter - who knows!

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