Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Nite !

This is Crystal - K is actually hiding right now!
She ran when the cops beat and I mean beat on our front door and picture window around 9 PM tonight!
There is this lady that lives several doors down the street - she said she tried to call us on the phone but it went straight to voice mail - then she knocked on the back door and the side window and she said she only heard the dog bark.
Well I was in the shower at the time and couldnt hear the knocking and the phone was turned off charging.
So she called the cops!  (I fell several days ago and couldnt get up and layed on the floor for about an hour till the pain wasnt so bad that I could get up- I told her about this not knowing she is a worrier)
So when I didnt answer her knocking and the bit with the phone - she called the police.  They came banging and hollering "This is the police"  - even the lady above me came down to see what was going on.
I had to remind everyone that I am very hard of hearing and dont hear the knocking, or the phone ringing sometimes.  The dog is trained to alert me when the phone rings and barks when someone is at the door.  But in the shower - I hear nothing.

So K ran when the police came-both because the perps sometimes are in police uniforms and the one time they came to the door and "we" ended up on the psych ward.  So police and K do not get along. So is in hiding for now.
I guess that is good-no perps abduction when I am out!
But that doesnt help the nerves and just upsets the stomach and makes the head hurt.
Oh well-maybe later we can get some sleep!

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