Sunday, November 1, 2009

Never Thought another DID victim

Never in our wildest dream - did we think that "we" would be treated just like the rest of the uneducated society treats us!  And especially from a person who use to be a therapist!
When a rogue part-really a sabotage part- posted on a forum board on her site for adult abuse survivors- about just wanting to be treated like the rest of the members of the site - "we" got booted off!

And "we" were ask by other members of that site why "we" were not given the understanding, empathy and compassion we should have been given rather then the treatment we were given.  Ask her.
The reason was an extremely poor one.  Some other members are in a worst situation then we are - with more possibilities of what was sited for the reason of being banned then we are.
Our place of residence has NOT been entered for over 6 months and the same with the other reason that she stated - that also is a thing of the past for 5-6 months.  Not so for other members from what has been stated. Why havent they been banned?  And the last reason - well when a whole family is in jeopardy I think that is worst then just our 4 yr old part!

All I was asking for was the same treatment - the same support any other member was being given - nothing more.
It just hurts so to know that a fellow DID person can be like that.
When the site was to support each other - to be there for each other - help each other- learn from each other.

I thank the members that have followed me from that site and are still giving me that support-no I cant read the forum board and learn any thing from that - nor can I vote on pics or join in the contest - maybe someday she will realize her mistake and I only hope that she doesnt cont to ban people from the site - especially for reasons of why we were.

Thank you everyone for all your support you have given "us".  Kalisa enjoys talking with all of you - please know that "we" try to keep her as safe as we possibly can - at all times.  Sometimes though- "we" are blocked by K and fail.  She is stronger then any of us.
We have ask in the past for reading material to help us (our request was ignored) - we lost our therapist and no longer have any insurance that will cover therapy.

We are on our own.  We only have this group for support - all family and friends deserted us long ago.
We greatly value each and every one of you and consider each a valued and trusted friend.
We are there for you also.
Feel free to "talk" whenever you need to.  "We" will listen with an open heart.
safe hugs & be safe
Crystal, Kalisa(Kawesa) and all

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