Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rough Nite

Well another sleepless nite!   Fire sirens going off left and right! Guess half the town burned down or something with all the sirens!
Doesnt help K - she panics any more when she hears a siren - just like the train whistles.  High alert mode with all those noises!

And then that stupid trap door outside!  Didnt know about that before signing a lease!  Would have thought twicw about that!  Wouldnt be too bad if we could put a lock on it -cant because of the gas meter down there having to be read by the meter man!

Someone around 3 AM came up the steps !  Wish I could do something to catch whoever is doing it- I think it is the same person.  They can hear when I call 911 - police did say last winter that it looked like someone was sleeping down there in the cellar-but they can hear me call and leave before the police get here.

Dont think it is a perp - think it is a local drunk - usually happens after the bars are closed and this place was empty for awhile and I guess a few of them flopped here!
The dog lets me know when someone is around. 
Kalisa has excellant hearing!  The rest of us - well the hearing dr wrote a prescription for 2 hearing aids!
So thank goodness for the dog!  Not that anyone would be afraid of a 6 lb poodle!  Or a couple of baby tortoises waltzing around!  The best they could do is pee on them if they picked them up! They dont go for strangers.

Kalisa is upset - when she gets like this she lets her guard down-if she stays "happy" then she is more alert of what is going on around her.  I dont know how to get her in a "happy" mood right now.  She really is depressed. Besides polyvore art she draws pics that she has put on here and "goos" (glues) collages together.  A highlight of this 4 yr olds day is getting the mail to see what pictures she can cut out for collages.  She had boxes of pics saved!

At least Charlie has retreated for now.  He needs to stay where ever he goes when not out. We have enough chaos in our life right now - dont need him around.  Anthony -a 8yr old part - created chaos when we first discovered we were DID.  He is in a room created just for him and he hasnt created any chaos since then.
Sadie has been quiet- she is the shopper-holic.  She did a number with the credit cards about 6 yrs ago!

Elizabeth hasnt been around except very breifly a couple days ago. She is an adult part that took over the host when Terry decided life wasnt worth being around for. So terry retreated inside and hasnt been around for ..oh.. about 5 yrs.
And since Elizabeth decided she wasnt really needed - because there isnt any therapy to worry about - I took over the driving and making sure we get to where we need to go. Thats me- Crystal.  I never drove before and that was really something when I drove for the first time!  Had to go to Hershey to the dr.  A very interesting trip!  I'm 16.
And then there are a bunch of others -Anatasia, Jonathan, Agelina, Corrie, Charity, Amanda, Samantha, Hope, Christy, Alisa, Amy&April, Heather, Abby, Alexandria, Mandy, Casey, a teen boy(no name yet), anger(no name), Shadowman, the Guardian, the Guide ,Bethany and a few others.  Thats us - our family.

Oh and we cant forget Kalisa's babies - Jaden, Ashley, baby Tedi, Jonathan, Destiny, Bethany, Emmie(awake) and Emmie (sleeping) (2dolls one awake,one sleeping), Amie, Stephanie, a teddy bear without a name, and cant forget Nesbit! Oh and Maling.  I think thats it - no- I forgot  "poor Annie"! And all her stuffed animals!

Well that is a very quick intro to "us". Guess I need to do something productive today seeing how we slept all day yesterday!

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VICKI IN AZ said...

Hi everyone. I am glad you are writing on here Crystal. Please tell Kalisa I like her pictures. I like yours and Bethany's too.