Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flashbacks ?

Dont know if these are flashbacks or what - this is terrible not having someone to guide you through all this crap !!!
Have been getting all this stuff when the host body went into the USAF in 1972.
Names coming up - like Sgt McDainels (I think it is McDainels) and Airman Fox  and a basic trainee with the intials I think of  J.S.
Only can remember that there was a room-mate who was from Alaska who was gay - left "us" alone and would visit a room down the hall and that this body did not attend the graduation ceremonies because of being on crutches with a sprained ankle.   That is all that can be remembered out of 6 weeks at Lackland AF Base.
Is that all that "we" are suppose to remember? Was the rest brain-washed out of memory? On purpose?
And then Sheppard AF Base - was in charge of a dorm - on purpose? Was it because then the "right" people were left in the dorm or certain people were allowed to come and go as they pleased?
I remember being told about something we saw and then were told - "you did not see that-that did not happen." That I can recall ...... very -very  few memories from that time period also.........can remember some trauma that happened from that time period...........wonder if that was on purpose.........
Does having these flashbacks/memories that were forgotten and now remembered - does it make other DID victims feel like they are going paranoid???????
Does that feeling having to do with programming that it makes us feel like we are going crazy so we DONT remember things??????????  That we arent suppose to remember things?????????
SHit..shit...shit !!!!!!!!!

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