Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Time Sabotage !!!!!!

This is Elizabeth
Kalisa is depressed - really bad right now - so "us" bigs can come through.
For nebies to "our system"
 I am the adult part that took over the host body after the host  decide this world is not worth living in. She went on "bacations" (vacation) as kalisa calls it.

But I just had a thought pop into my brain.
Big time sabotage and all parties involved have played right into the perps (or if you want to call them mind controllers-new word for us in this life- where I got it????)

It has to do with mind-body connection and mind control.
If these perps(thats whats I am going to call them here) have brain washed people so bad - then that means that mind-body connection would also work.  Right ?

Does that mean that if "we" me got too close to remembering something important (to the perps) that if I would not shut up about it - could they some how have brain washed the therapist - and some how I was purposely directed to go to that therapist - that since I was too close to that memory - ..... could the therapist then some how have been brain washed into having a mind-body incident and become disabled - so not to be able to continue being a therapist - and in the end have a part (ours) sabotage all or any therapy given so that there would never be any hope of having that memory surface???????????

What is that memory?
What is so important to the perps that they did not want me to remember or have the therapist know?
What were "we" getting so close to that this would happen?
How many sabotage parts exists inside me to have sabotaged "us"' recently?
How is that memory related or intertwined with the therapist?

What will happen now that the main bad man is dead? (as K says "He  droppeds  obers  deadeds!" -had a heart attack last time the bad boys took K)

What was so important?
What dont they want "us" to remember?

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