Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update on Us

Well our move still is having an impact on "us".
Having to worry about the remainder of our things in PA - most of our clothes are still there- we have 3 pairs of shorts, some jeans and t-shirts here - and some PJs but the rest of the clothing are in the storage in PA,  Makes for lots of wash to do with only the few out fits we have.
K did find all her "babies"  they are out of the containers but not in their "beds" yet.  She did change a few of them - their outfits. Her toys are in storage here - our room is not put together yet.

We have been sick most of the time since we got here- doing a little bit better right now.
Still not sleeping nights-thunderstorms real bad here. K has fits over them!  The wind whips around and the noise scares her- then the lights go out and that makes for a new fright for her and the rain.  She wanted to know last night if the bad man was doing that.  I dont know if I convinced her it was the storm that took out the electricity.

There have been a few new alters appear during the polyvore art work. They have just made themselves known but havent revealed anything about themselves.  And we have discovered a few new worlds....
Well K wants to do her thing here-

Eyes  finks  eyes  wants  a goes  backs  toos  de utter pwaces  eyes  wived(lived)  ats.  Eyes  nots  knoweds  ifs  eyes  wikeds  its  heres.   Eyes  wikeds  de witteds  doggies  -Ebas(Eva)  buts  eyes  nots  knoweds  ifs  eyes  wikeds  any fings  eleses.
Eyes  misses  my  new  mommys  berry berry  muchses  and  nows  she  bees  sews  fars  ways....  eyes  cwrys  awots  a timeses  cuz  eyes  misses  hers  sews  berry  muches.
Eyes  wishses  dats  she  justs  gibes  mees  a wittles  wetters  and  justs  says  hi's  toos  mees.
Eyes  finks  ifs  eyes  justs  keeps  lubbings(loving)  hers  dens  maybees  some  days  she  says  hi's  toos  mees  agains.

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