Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kalisa and the Move

Kalisa is not taking to the move to VA very well.
Between being sick and the still post surgery of the head -the whole left side of the face is swollen, including the eye being swollen shut and the pain!  Pain pills dont even touch the pain!  And then there is the heart- heart pain is bad.....
"We"  still do not have our things unpacked-cant lift or causes more swelling in the face and chest pain....
Several new alters have revealed themselves in the poly art.... other then that they have not reveled much

The thunder storms here are something else! Being right on top of the mountain-the noise of the thunder shakes the whole place when it booms!  Even the dogs run!  Kalisa hates them!

We found out that there is one perp here in the trailer park- 2 streets over.  So far nothing has happened-we have been told he keeps to himself and I hope that is stays that way! According to here on the computer there are only 12 perps here in town - compared to the 30 in the area we moved from.
I hope K will be safe.

K feels very insecure being so far away from her "new mommy".  K can astral project.  And she has been doing it alot lately.
Also the no sleeping at night is back - the first 2 wks here - "we" actually slept at night.  Now we are back to the no sleep in the dark.  K waits for the sun to come up and then goes to sleep.  She doesnt feel safe-and what she feels usually is right on target!  So I dont know.

Wish she had a therapist.  But then again - I dont know if she would trust another one to come out and talk to them.  She was traumatized from the last one.  And she hasnt even begun to "get over" that. It is a trust factor. 

K did - at first after the move- came out at night only- played in the bath tub- even found her bath tub crayons - but drew pics of her mommy's house and stuff like that.  Changed some of her babies outfits and played with the kids.  But she has been quiet lately - I think she is receding inside...that leaves me to take care of the daily things.....I dont want that job(this is Crystal)
I wish Elizabeth would come back out and take over like she use to.

Got an email about Terry's(the host) father.  He was put on Hospice -probably will be gone by July.  That means driving back to PA for a funeral.  I dont like them things either.  Had to go to one for an aunt not too long ago.  All kinds of people that I didn't know that talk to you-had to pretend that I knew what was being talked about.  Guess  either I fooled them or they thought I was in out space!
I can think of alot better things to do then go to a funeral!  I hope this will be the last one I have to go to!

Well the sun will soon be up and K will go to bed then. Even though I am out - K is still there very much in the back ground controlling the body - not letting it slow down and go to sleep.
I wonder if and when she will stop this and just let the body do its normal thing- sleep at night ?

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