Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Profound Observation by K

This is Elizabeth - I know I havent been around much-but there really hasnt been a need for me to be out.
But I just thought I would make this entry after observing K after Crystal read her a book- it was just a 150 page story. K picked out the book herself.

After the end of the book K had such a serious but puzzling look on her face that Crystal ask her what was wrong,
And K said (for the sake of the readers I will "spell" words correctly here rather then in K's way)
"Thats be just likes me and my mommys!  They had a gold thread and me and my mommy have a silver thread!  And I llike that their thread never can be broken just like me and my mommys! And it is just like a rainbow-it stretches as high and as wide as one and never can be broken!"
K was referring to the bond a mother and child has - which was stated in part of this story and also referring to her bond with her mommy.

Then the story went on about forgiveness, love and understanding.
Crystal had to explain to her what an "ego" is.
And then K understood what was meant by it is difficult for a person to forgive because of a person's ego - because a person can be afraid of being hurt again. This is what this story was about.
That a person needed to become like a little child- trusting, loving and forgiving.
And after that the ice in your heart melts away and you can find a peace that maybe you have never had.
This is what K ask if this is what was meant by the story.  Those were not K's words but this is what she meant.

Then K said " Sews  dats  means-es  dats  eyes  needs  forgibes  my  mommys  cuz  shes  bees  sews  maddeds  ats  mees -wrights? "
Crystal told her yes. 
The K said "Buts  eyes  nots  bees  maddeds  ats  my  mommys  buts  eyes  forgibes  hers  fors  beings  maddeds  ats  mees.  Sews  dens  yous  finks  dats  ifs  eyes  sends  hers  nice  warm  huggs-es  dats  her  hearts  ices  getteds  melteds  and dens  she  gibes  mees  wittle  wetters  agains?  huh?
She  gibes  ebery bodys  eleses  wittle  wetters  wiffs  de  picsures - sews  dens  she  gibes  mees  wittle  wetters  wiffs  picsures."
Crystal just gave a big sigh.
K went on to say "De  wittle girls in de story  sayeds  dats  de  wady(lady)  bees  stuckeds  wiffs  hers  sews  eyes  guesses  dats  my  mommys  bees  stuckeds  wiffs  mees!  Dats  bees  cuz  eyes  lubes  my mommys  berry berry  muchs-es!"
So much for reading storys to K !

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