Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Wish

Wish "our" life was normal - but then again"we" dont even know what "normal" is !  Never have had a normal life.
Right now "we" are still fighting the side effects from the 2 brain surgeries we had.  That side of our whole face still swells- bad enough that the eye even swells shut!  And that is from just bending over too much and or doing too much lifting.  It will stay like that for about a week or two and then slowly go down.  Hurts like the dickens also !
Then to top it off the injury to the gum on the same side (fell with a fork in my mouth and the prong of the fork went into the gum) and that is now infected and also swollen !  I drain that just about every day.  It had tunneled from the area of the injury up above the gum towards the nose.  SO it drains pretty good at times!
The one dr said that it ia a surgery thingy- have to have it cut opened and drained and packed!
What fun!  Kalisa said no to that!  So it will be fun having it done.

She is still all out of sorts!  Most of her babies are out in the bedroom now.  Still have a few more boxes to unpack-but with the face swelling- it has been slow going.  Unpack some-wait till the face goes down and then unpack some more.  Maybe in another month it will all be unpack.

The other day while on polyvore doing some art therapy- a set of twin alters made themselves known-but they didnt do any art.  They are around 9 yrs old-girls.
Kalisa says it is scary around here.  Lot of mexicans here- a meth lab in the one trailer across the street, guns going off at night, people smoking pot outside the bedroom window, and that sort of thing going on here.
Is that considered having a normal life?
What is considered having a normal life?  I am Crystal - writing this.  I never had to be the alter that did major things.  Wish the person who doesnt want to write to us would.
She could give her opinion or advice - just as one person to another.  That would help.
I need someone to talk to. Just another person who understands what goes on with a DID life.

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