Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thought it would be safe here....

Oh well, guess the fantasy world is up now!  Thought we would be safe here.

Two nights ago - gun shots right outside the door! Not just once but twice!  The poor dogs had to hold everything till the AM to go out!  Poor things!
K was besides herself!  She said "they" were coming to get her and take her away and lock her in jail again!
There is this one creepy man that is always walking around and outside when the dogs are walked.  Dont know if he is good or bad-K doesnt say anything about him.  She does comment on some of the kids that are playing outside at times.  She says that some of them are not "goodeds  kids-es".  I gave up asking her how she knows things like that.
But I have learned to trust her word on people and things that happen or will happen.  She is spooky that way...the psychic things she has about her......

We have been going through the art work on polyvore and putting them in collections-some of them trigger K....we have 29 more pages of them to "file".
Then I hope they can be filed as they are done.  The same with the pics that have been saved- now there are quite a few pages of them to sort through!

Well k is coming out.....

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