Sunday, February 13, 2011

Surgery Postponed-again!

This is Crystal.  Well our abscess surgery has been postponed again !  They were going to do it this coming week but the nurse forgot that the anesthesiologist had to see us.  So they wanted to do it the next week but the dr only operates on Weds and Evan has an appointment we cant miss it got moved to 3/2.

So in the mean time we have to drain that abscess several times a day by pinching it and letting it drain !  Bad part about it -it drains into our mouth!  The fork went into the top of the gum line when I fell and the prong of the fork went WAY up inside!  And then it did what the dr called tunneling up towards my nose above the teeth roots and then into the inside of the part of your mouth above your lip.  There it created a plum size abscess!

When I went to the ER they did a CT scan on it and the mass is pretty big on the inside-bigger then what it looks like from the outside!  So I have to drain it till surgery.  I take 2 pain pills before I do it.  It is rather painful and being on blood thinners (because of a bad heart problem)  pinching it causes my face to get black and blue. (Have to do it 2-3x a day)  So I look real cute !  So that is a daily chore several times a day.  K doesnt stay out for the draining part but she is in the back ground that I am aware of.

Kalisa wanted someone to type for her...
Dis  bees  Kawesa.  Eyes  gotteds  my news  babys  yes-er-days.   Eyes  nots  wikeds  de  dresses  she  habes  ons  sews  eyes  getted  her  differents  crow-es. (clothes)   Dey   bees  warmeds  crow-es  and  she  habes  fings  ons  her  feets-es..  My  mommy  nots  putted  socks-es  and  shoes-es  ons  her  babys  feets.  And  eyes  knoweds  dats  deres  feets-es  getteds  coldeds.
Eyes  habes  toos  finks  ofs  a goodeds  names-es  fors  my new  babys.

Eyes  madeds  bal-in-tines-es  fors  my  mommys.  Eyes  hopeds  dats  she  wookeds  ats  its.  Eyes  wisheds  she  talkeds  toos  mees  and gibes  mees  Emmies  backs.  Eyes  nots  dews  nuff-fings  and she  takeds  ways  Emmies.  She  getteds  maddeds  cuz  Crystals  makeds  picsure  bouts  de  means  mans-es  ons  de wittles  phones-es.  And  my  mommys  finks  dats  its  bees  bouts  hers  buts  its  nots  bees  bouts  hers.  De  means  mans-es  ebens  madeds  Crystals  cwrys!
Eyes  wishes dats  my  mommys  bees  wikes  she  bees  afores.  Whens  she  bees  niceds  toos  mees.
Buts  eyes  stwills  lubes  hers  cuz  eyes  always  wills  lubes  hers.  Fors  for-ebers  ands  a days !

Eyes  finkeds  dats  eyes  habes  toos  makeds  picsures  nows.

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