Friday, March 4, 2011

post surgery

Well the results of surgery are not good-I find out monday if it is cancer.
The dr said that it was NOT an abscess. He called it a "mass".
He had to scrap the bones on the left side of the face and from right below the left eye to the bottom lip and from the left side of the nose to the left side of the face the whole way to the other side of the cheek.
The entire face on the left side and the lips both top and bottom are swollen and all the pain med they put inside the face during surgery is now worn off.
It hurts sooooo  bad!

Kalisa has even stayed inside since surgery- I dont blame her- I would too if I could...
Hey what would happen if NO ONE would come out?  If there isnt an alter at all out?
What would happen to the body if no one would decide to be out?
Anyone have any idea?

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