Sunday, March 25, 2012

As They Say - Shit Happens !

This is Crystal
All I know if today was my birthday (the 25th is the host bodys b-day) I would say it really really sucked !
If anything else happened- I would do more then sit in the bathroom crying like I did !

First- 2 days ago - all those dr appoinments we had- well they were scheduled so close together 2 were not gone too and had to be rescheduled.  Then the "bone dr" handed us a paper and said this is what you need in your diet- your Vit D level is only 24 (needs to be 56) I told him that is better then the "3" that it was before they put me on super duper high doses of Vit D !  Cant follow the diet- am lactose intolerant.  And Lacaid just puts 10 lbs a week on me and I am already really over weight !  So that was one doctor!

Next dr was the foot dr.  He was to give me a new date to operate on my foot they messed up a year ago.  It now has 4 broken toes, the outside bone of the foot is broken and all the tendons across the top of the foot are torn.  And the right foot has 2 broken toes and the outside bone is cracked, So "we" are walking on 2 broken feet ! But the dr said no surgery because my blood sugar is to high.  It is 9 down from 13  - should be 7 to operate.  But then my main dr wasnt even treating my diabetes!  So yes it would be up!  Dumb A**es !!!!!   And they are suppose to be doctors !   So I sat there and cried for about 15 mins in that drs office.  Didnt even check out! I was too pissed!  I dont think they know how painful it is to walk on 2 broken feet!  Pain pills dont even take care of the pain!

But the very first appointment of the day was what put me in such a good mood!  The eye dr.  I have to go to them every 6 months.  She told me I have the worse kind of cateracts that you can have-but not bad enough to operate on -yet- but my left eye has something growing over the retina and may not be able to fix-in ohter words- "you are rapidly going blind in your left eye and if you need to come back before the next 6 months just call and we will see you then".  and "oh by the way - you need to wear dark tinted glasses all the time-inside and out and not the transition lens- permantely tinted dark gray."  So going blind as well as going deaf ! (just got bilateral hearing aids).

Then we got the electeric bill! Of which we shouldnt have had a bill-we are on the low income plan and it should have been paid-but we called the electric company and they said -"no you owe that amt-pay by noon the 27th or we turn off the electric".  DOnt know where that is coming from- havent found that tree where money gows on it-maybe it just didnt start to bloom yet!
Then the car needs inspected,tage for the car are due,post office box rent is due and the puppys need their first shot the end of next month!

Then when I went to turn this thing on tonight -it didnt work! After playing with it for an hour I got it to work! K ran off crying because i told her I didnt know if I could get it to work.  I know one of these times it isnt going to work- dont know what K will do then-there isnt money to buy a new one.
And today being the "birthday" no one remembered it - no presents cuz no money- but k is use to that- but the host's son forgot and there was no cake!  So at 7PM he went and bought a cake and ice cream!
So if anything elese happens - I am going back in the bathroom and crying some more !

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