Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is Crystal- I am lousy at keeping this up.
Today we had a water leak...if Oscar wouldn't have ran down to the other end of the yard-we are training him off the leash- we would not have heard the water running under the trailer.   It was the hot water heater.
And naturally living in a trailer they always put the hot water heater in the most inconvenient place there is ! In my walk in closet behind a panel in the wall! Which meant taking out a dozen of those plastic bins that K has all her baby clothes in!
We couldn't get in our bedroom or bath all day!  Had to cancel Brandon's dr appointment and didnt have the room back together till 5 PM !  Funny how K stayed in the back ground- making sure we didnt do anything to her babys or their clothes!
Oh Eva had her puppies a week and a half ago. Two blond twin girls, a black and white girl-has a mickey mouse head tatoo on her butt and black around her eyes up into her ears and one sable colored male. He is really pretty! Eva didnt get her milk right away so we were using an eyedropper to feed them. But we gave her the same formula and now she is feeding the babys. They should open their eyes the end of this week.
We havent had any other alters come out lately. Shadowman was out a couple weeks ago as well as the host-Terry.  Just for one night.  She said K can have her birthday the end of the month. K's birthday isnt till Sept so she is thrilled that she gets 2 birthdays this year! She ask is she can have 2 Christmases and I said a really big loud  NO!
Oh Kalisa came out!  Just look what she did! 
Guess I will have to finish later -she wants to do a pic on "poly bores".
Little stinker needs to keep her fingers off the keuboard!
Eyes  nots  bees  a stinkers-eyes  justeds  takeds  baffs!

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