Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is Crystal.  I think there is another alter emerging-today is a bad day for this body-no sleep in over a week and the pain doesnt have a word to describe it.
I tried soaking in hot water for the back pain(besides pain pills) but every time I closed my eyes there seemed to be a swirling darkness going around in my head.
It didnt feel like a "doom" darkness but rather an "evil darkness"
I would open-OK K is playing with the color thing here-K go back inside and let me finish.
I would open my eyes and the "evilness" stwill seemed to be there-it was a really weird feeling-I hope that this alter doesnt learn to get past K. Shadowman and Charlie are bad enough when they come out.
Oh Sadie was just out! She is the "shopper alter".  Only spent $450 on line!  Little stinker!

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