Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crystal here-I hate it when they change things around here on the pages! I just get the hang of things and then they go and change it again!
Well we have been zoning out lately-havent done that in a long time-I wonder if it is because these dumb drs around here keep trying to change my medicine!
I think I am going to go to the free programs like we were on before and get back on all the meds before moving to VA.
I know I had a small stroke several weeks ago and the fact that they cant fix my heart- it is the small blood vessels around the heart that are the worst- and that is suffer with the pain- have small heart attacks which will lead up to a big one that will kill you off!
We are just sooo tired!  With the heart thing and then the stomach thing with the bleeding-I think we need blood again....wish we were back in Pa at least there most of the drs listened to what you had to say.
That cyst in the face is acting up and now we have another cyst- next week we go to Johnson City to the heart dr and we will have to wait forever in the ER and have that other cyst lanced and drained and packed!  What fun-just what I wanted to do! And to keep K in her place while we are down there- there are so many things that she can get into!
There is a person on PolyVore that thinks she can control K-we were warned and that problem is I hope solved! K wanted her mommy(who by the way is getting married this month) to help her-but there was no help from her.
Next month we go to the eye dr - I want our eyes fixed so we can see- getting rid of cataracts and whatever is wrong with the left eye that they might be able to fix instead of going blind. Why wait-just do it and get it over with.
ShadowMan has been out several times and made pics on Poly.  And there is another alter who has not reveled a name that has been out.  K lets the wall down when we are really sick.

 ANd that has been alot lately- I am even getting tired of being sick all the time and taking all those crappy pills! But dont worry mom-we dont need to "goeds toos  jails" as K calls the psych wards! Last time that was said we ended up in the psych ward!  And we didnt need to be there because we WERE taking our meds they way we were suppose to!
Well thats all my griping for now!

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