Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is Crystal-Charlie has been trying to come out but Kalisa has been holding her off.  I am glad!
Charlie just causes all kinds of trouble.
"We" havent been feeling too well lately-we feel "off".  Dont know what is causing that feeling.
Have a heart dr appoint tomorrow - heart hasnt been beating right and O2 levels are down.  I have been saying for the past 4 yrs we O2 daily.

I would like to know why when one alter is out different senses are more acute then when another alter is out-ex:  my hearing is excellent!  But Terry has bilateral hearing aids.
And K's sense of smell is very keen!
And she can really play some of those computer games ands I suck at them!

You know people have studied the DID process and why alters occur but has anyone ever studied about the different alters and what they feel and sense when they are out?
And why do they all sense something different when it is all the same body?

I have also been given what I am calling "clues" as what means what in the poly pics-some of it makes sense and some of it doesnt.  But I guess something is better then nothing!

Oh well that is the thought for the night!

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