Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is Crystal.. I am the 16 yr old part of all these many lovely different parts. And right now I am so privileged to have the job of looking after Kalesa the 4 yr old part who has control over this body.
And sometimes it can be very depressing.
Kalesa is so misunderstood in the things that she says or asks.
People forget that she is only 4 yrs old.. a bit more mature then other 4 yr olds... but she is just 4 and greatly misunderstood in what she says.
Four yr olds tend to just blurt things out and they don't really think some times before they say things.
Things aren't meant to hurt others.
She is hurt easily by words....her "job" as a part was to please the bad that is what she knows.... please others.....that is good...but if you do wrong your are punished.....
it is hard some times explaining  what is said by other people......I get a headache sometimes trying to do this.
Sometimes it is just easier to omit somethings said  and then I dont have to explain and explain and explain  over and over and over!
All she wants is approval and to know that some one is there for her.
I never knew that life could be so tough for a 4 yr old!
My head hurts bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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