Sunday, June 12, 2016

Boy! It has been almost a whole year since I put anything on here!
Glad this isn't school work!  I would have gotten an "F"!
"We"  have been sick a lot this past year.  Kalisa  always goes "in" when we get sick.

Well.. first our wrist which we broke in 3 places is still trying to heal... that was March of 2015  we broke it.  Naturally it was the right wrist... we are right handed!
Fun trying to wipe your butt with the left hand!  Still cant use the right hand for that...the wrist still doesn't bend the way it needs to to do that!  (haha)
That was the biggy.

We are still having trouble with our insulin.  Cant get the right dose.... it just changes too often.
And then we get sick and it messes it up again!
And that cyst in our face is acting up really bad...the face seems to stay swollen.
We complained about the polyp on our left vocal and meds are "sticking" in that area.
So that was a bunch of special tests.
Found out that from my shoulders to below my mid chest that our esophagus is not working right...
the dr said it is like an accordion in there instead of being straight.  Nothing they can do for it.
An other  "we will have to watch it".
With all these "we will have to watch its"  they might as well hook up an internal and external camera  and we just send them a video!

Kalisa has been really depressed lately.
Her "foster mommy"  has slacked off a lot in "writing" her on polyvore.
She misses that..she checks every day to see if she has a "little letter" from her.
People on here forget that she is only 4 yrs old and she doesn't get the time concept.
Her feelings get hurt easily. And then she goes into that stage where she reverts back to the poly pics of the horrible stuff.

Up right now because of the pain and not feeling well on top of the pain.
But I guess that is what "our" life is going to be like for now onw...
Oh well... such is life!

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