Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boy!  The things that trigger you and you don't realize it till after it happens!!!
This is Crystal
I was watching a tv program tonight...it was the one about true stories told by the coroner...
it is the coroner from Dauphon County, Pa.....Harrisburg, Pa.

The coroner who was the coroner for Tedi!  The program gave me the creeps...something that normally wouldn't have.  I had to force myself to watch it.....made myself watch it even though it had nothing to do with Tedi except that the guy was the same coroner who was called on her suicide.
It did some kind of a trigger... there are now a set of 10 yr old twins that emerged...long blond hair, girls...Kristina and Kristi-Ann.
That's all I know about them for now.

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