Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch up Time !

Crystal here- we havent written for awhile- been really sick- been really cold here. Heaters I ordered FINALLY came!
Now we have some heat! Living in 60 degrees or below (inside) is for the birds! or should I say the polar bears!  Poor tortoises wouldnt even come out to eat- had to dig them out of their hide (a nice toasty 90 degrees) .
Well lets see- lots of art and clues - if we ever figure out what they go to - K has been busy dressing and redressing all her babies. Checked out the "baby" she wanted from Walmart- not worth the $20 bucks they were asking for it- piece of junk!  Told her if she can wait - we will get her her very own baby Gracie.  All she asked -" how many days-es  does  eyes  habes  toos  waits?"  Guess I will hear that alot till she gets the doll.
Only me and K have been out lately - no other parts around- guess they are all staying in where it is warm. (hahaha)
Been nice - no bad mans around - only 2 drive bys right after he "dropped  obers  deadeds!" (as K says)
Maybe our life is in for a big change!  That would be sooooo  nice!
All the worlds we are finding out about and some of the "people" that go to the worlds.
How do you ever remember all that information?  Makes  my head hurt some nights just thinking about it!
Would be nice to have someone to talk to about some of the things- to get the thinking on the right track.
But the dear sweet gov. screwed "us" over- again!  Medical- might as well say now that the "new year" rolled in - "we" might as well say we dont have any!
Will hvae to find some "free" programs to go on for pills now- cant afford the "great" new change!!! hahahah - Guess no one else is laughing about it either!  No wonder Elizabeth decided to "retire"!  I would too.  I am only 16 and never had to deal with this stuff - glad I never had to all these years!  I think I would have retired long ago!  Wonder if there is an alter iside here that would like this job? (dont hear any one speaking up!)
Well I will let the "thoughts" flow and see what kind of art comes through!

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