Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bitching Time !

This is Crystal and it is time to bitch!
What do I have to bitch about? EVERYTHING !!!!!
Especially since I am not of the real time world and only a part!
Just took me 30 mins to fill up a 28 day pill cassette!  All those pills and for what?  Just to do it again in 28 more days!

And things are only getting worse!  Now they want $3000.00 for the first bag of pills since the new year started! "We"  dont even make that much in one month!  And "our" file has been flagged at drs offices since we owe them so much money (around the $4000.00 mark)  And things are getting skimpy at the food bank- I mean we are very greatful for the food we get there- the only food we have  since Prudential took our disability ck and that is until March of NEXT year! Dont know what we are going to do when the pills run out- cant afford them - dr said it would be about 2 wks and then we might be dead without them.(she said that the time when they thought K wasnt taking meds-she was but no one bothered to stop and ask her)

The pain is getting worse and I get tired of taking all those crappy pain pills- I dont know why I am still here-
I was told - oh about 8 yrs ago - that this is this body's last time for an earthly life - that "we" have supposedly learned all the lessons that we needed to learn and that we would not be coming back to earth to learn any more??????  That is if you believe that - I am not sure about that - or anything for that matter right now! And why "our" inner wisdom right now is reminding us of that?  Questions- lots and lots of question!
But when do you get the answers? Where do you go to find them?  Who is the right person to help you find the answers to these kinds of questions?
People just look at you like you are nuts when you ask these kinds of questions!  Then they want to "lock" you up!  "Go to jail"  as Kalisa calls it.  And they didnt do anything for you there!  The food was crappy, they didnt let you sleep at night, didnt give you the right meds that you were to have and wouldnt even let you go outside!  And then when they did let you go outside - there were 12 ft high fences all around!  Just like jail! Guess K had the right idea there!

Then I look at my poor animals! Dont know what I would do without them-they are the only reason for etting out of bed- and the dog the only reason for going out the door! Was thinking about that tonight.  I need to start a "doggie" fund for when something happens to Tierra.  Even a dog from the pound costs you a couple hunred dollars!  Has to be a little dog - next one very low grooming maintance- thinking about a teacup chihauhua next time around.
Now the "torgus-es" (tortoises) as K calls them - they claim they live to 50 yrs old - so they will out live me.
They are cute to watch and they do have their own personalities!  I feel for them since it is so cold.  They are from the tropical forests- but I hvae had them since they were 6 wks old.  Two of them will be 3 yrs old and the other 2 - 2yrs old come May.  The 2 little guys will no longer have to be in their"condo" come May.  They can be out roaming around like the other two.  That will be nice.

Oh well - body going to hell- falling apart - need hearing aids, going blind, lame - just think - if I was a horse they would just shoot me and put me out of my misery!  Been telling my dr that for the past 6 yrs!  Just take me around the corner to the nearest corn field and shoot me!
Well I guess I should just let K do some pics on "poly-four"  as she calls it.  Now she has it made. Four yrs old and her only worry is that her new mommy wont tal to her.  Her new mommy doesnt realize how much her not talking to k affects this poor old body.   The healing process is a whole lot faster when K is happier.  That we noticed last operation- I dont know what will happen when it comes to a more major one- heart dr still wants to do some work - I said to wait to warmer weather.  Who knows - maybe we will be dead by then!

Well I guess I bitched enough for now - K - its all yours! Go for it! Have fun making pics!
Sorry but i am not even goiing to correct any mis-typed whatevers!

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VICKI IN AZ said...

Hi Crystal!
I think this would all get so discouraging since you are so young and these are not health issues you should have to deal with. You deal with so many things for someone so young. You are a strong young lady, probably the reason all are still around. You are very good to Kalisa, she is lucky to have you.
You deserve to have some bitching time!