Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Turnses !!!

Kalisa wants her turn here!

They had her over Christmas and New Years.
She still hasnt opened her Christmas presents. They are still sitting unopened under a little 2 ft tree - which she doesnt want taken down or turned on. ???
She did get 2 new "babies" - she wasnt even excited about getting them. The only thing she did was to dress them in warmer clothes.
Her "babies" are Ashton-Drake dolls- real looking "baby" dolls.
She has some of her own "art" work.
Art thereapy is good for the soul!

All alters since Nov have done over 300 collages. Need to buy stock in glue!

I will put Kalisa's collages on here- now she did some on over sized paper and the printer does not have a shrink feature - so you get a left and right sides to look at. Havent figured out how to combine them yet- no brain energy to think on something like that.
Remember what you are looking at is considered "art therapy" - can be trigering to some ...........

One of these days I will figure this picture thing out and get the stuff on here the right way - till then - it is - oh well!!!!!!!!!!!

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