Thursday, January 8, 2009

We Live in the House We Built

We -all parts-alters- live in the house we built.
Sometimes the house changes shape, size, color,location -especially when Kalisa decides to blow it up and then makes a new one! She has done that several times now in the past three years since therapy started. Currently- we dont have one!
She made herself one but alters were not included in that "construction".The above are pictures of some of the littles - she was going to put their names by their pics but I guess she got sided track into something else! But yes there are that many running around upstairs! Kalisa and Bethany are the only littles that "come out". Bethany helps Kalisa on the computer. That is the only time she comes out. The rest of the littles for now- stay inside but they are there!
Below is a combined effort of all the littles- all age groups- that made this collage- it is only one - once again done on over sized paper and dittys here doesnt know how to make it one!
So you figure it out!
I'll help - it is the littles ad for a therapist -

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