Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Cant Life Be Simple ?

Art therapy is good for the soul!
It helps release all kinds of emotions.
And it doesnt have to be a collage of pictures - it can just be a picture that is colored.
Below the first two are Kalisa's.
Not all art work is depressing or despairing.

Piggys playing in the mud!

A rainbow for her favorite person!

Some "Happy" art work as the day started out.

Trying out some new markers -dont like them. They bleed through and the colors are not good. What happened to the orange? It looks brown! I will let Kalisa have them!

The "little boy's" house.

Kalisa says a little boy lives in a picture that was hanging in her therapist's office.He needed help to get away from the "badded mens".
She would talk to him and he would talk to her.

So goes the life of a "DID""!

And the day was still going pretty good-


You get the mail!

My disability check is going to be held till the company gets over $17,000.00 that they say I OWE THEM !!!! RIGHT!!!!

I am hoping that my checking acct is not over drawn! Would be the very first time in my life that that every happened!
So I guess they arent getting any money!
Besides they are on my bankruptcy. So they arent getting anything anyways!


I go to the drug store to pick up my bag of pills that keep me alive and they tell me that co-pay will be $100 a month for all of them till I reach my deductible.
Remember the bank acct numner is ZERO!!!!
Now just where am I going to get a hundred dollars a month when the yo-yos are holding my check?
Any reason to become depressed?
Or just maybe severely depressed and sit down on the floor and bawl your head off?
Any reason to just say what the hell-would be better off dead so who needs all those pills any how?
And so goes the daily life of this DID person.
And other people think they have problems!!!!!!!!

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