Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get This off my chest First

Well havent been here for awhile- was at the hospital every day for IVs for 1 1/2 wks and the dr appointments and all that medical crap!

Pic over here- my head pain that I have all the time since they took out 2 small brain tumors and had to put a metal plate in there to hold the piece of skull in place till it heals.

Since the cold weather set in- it hurts horribly !

Pressure and pain at the left temporal area and left eye-worse then sinus pain!

Anybody out there want it?

Then you have all these other germs inside you-

Just sitting there waiting their turn to grow and cause more problems! Lovely little miserable things!

And then there is the never ending daily confusion

and then there is just more and more confusion ..............

Does it every stop????????

Will it ever end??????????????????????

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